It's the most, expensive time of the year! Well, almost. A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Affirm asked 2,000 Americans about their holiday plans and holiday spending. Did you think the COVID-19 pandemic was going to affect America's shopping addiction? Of course it wouldn't.

We can all thank boredom for leading us astray and racking up those credit card bills. Half of the Americans polled claimed that even though they had to cancel some travel plans in 2020, they have no intentions of canceling their holiday shopping. Retail therapy makes us happy, and why not start Christmas shopping to feel even happier right?

The part of the survey that shocked me the most was that 15% of people claimed they started Christmas shopping in August. 75% of people who had to cancel some travel plans due to COVID-19 plan to use the unused travel money on gifts for their friends and family.

Although I would like to sit here and laugh and mock half of the Americans who decided to start Christmas shopping I can't. My Glammy explained to us the power of shopping early. She explained that it doesn't feel like a complete drain on the bank account and you have more than enough time to get everything delivered.

I am pretty sure my Glammy has been finished with her Christmas shopping for months now. Hey, it's on less thing for her to stress about.

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