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Bossier City has announced their new police chief. Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon.

Bossier City Police Sgt. Christopher Estess has been announced as the next pick to lead the Police Department. Estess has been serving as interim, or Provisional, Police Chief since former Chief Shane McWilliams was "reassigned" in July of 2021 after Mayor Tommy Chandler took office. McWilliams refused the reassignment, and remained on leave until his retirement in January. Estess was leading the Department for that entire period.

Estess beat out a handful of other candidates to be the new Police Chief. Back in April the Bossier City Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board released the exam scores for all of the final candidates. The scores were as follows:

- Sgt. Jeremy Kennedy (current BCPD):89
- Sgt. Michael Jones (Shreveport PD): 88
- Sgt. Charles Bridges (current BCPD): 85
- Sgt. Daniel Haugen (current BCPD): 85
- Sgt. Christopher Estess (current BCPD): 84

At that time, Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler indicated that he would hold interviews with the candidates after the scores were released. At that time, Chandler told KTBS:

“I have already met with the candidates prior to the test and look forward to a second interview with each applicant. Public safety is a top priority and the Bossier City Police Department has long been known for its outstanding record of providing safety and security to the citizens"

State law had said that Bossier City needed to name the new Chief within 60 days of the Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board approving the test scores.

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