Elementary school students attending Phakamisani Primary School in South Africa were left shaken after allegedly being physically attacked by an aggressive apparition resembling a "short granny-like figure with dreadlocks."

The bizarre incident forced school officials to cancel classes for the day, alerting parents and, ultimately, social media, where the strange account has gone viral.

According to Coast to Coast, the grandmother-like ghost was only visible to the students that it supposedly proceeded to slap.

The students were eventually able to keep the alleged spirit at bay by throwing salt, but fear and terror lingered after the traumatic event.

While some may believe the incident was a clever prank that the students crafted to skip class, school officials reported that their utter hysteria couldn't be fabricated.

"It seems like the kids saw an old lady in one of the classrooms, and either this old lady chased them, or she just disappeared," David Swart, mayor of the community, said in a statement to the press.

"There's a bit of uncertainty as to what this woman was doing ... if she existed, and so they're busy looking into that," Swart continued.

"For now, I don't know if they are going to continue to school," Swart added. "It seems like a lot of parents have come to fetch their children while some other children are still there."

The school plans to hold a prayer session in the hopes of blocking the sinister spirit from making a return.

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