Friday after Thanksgiving my fiance's parents came over for breakfast leftovers. I had explained that the wall clock that my partner inherited from his grandparents was haunted. It never worked, and then all of a sudden in the middle of the night I hear the never before heard musical sound come from the clock. Umm is my house haunted? As soon as we finished discussing the "clock situation" the clock went off.

My mother-in-law felt the sound was comforting, meanwhile, I was mortified, we are being haunted. I looked over at my father-in-law and he decided to drop a bomb on me. "My Ring camera has been waking us up in the middle of the night and it keeps catching these random shadows." First off, Ring cameras are not set off easily. How can a mysterious orb set it off? Check out the video below.

I have done some digging and Ring cameras are built so they aren't set off unless it's something worth looking into. The motion detecter of the doorbell camera goes off when a small orb hovers over the front porch. Eventually, it floats away, but not without startling us with this video clip. My in-law's cat doesn't even set off the Ring camera. How can these orbs set off the camera?

What is this mysterious "orb"? Is it a ghost? A guardian angel? If you have seen anything like this let us know.

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