If you're easily freaked out by 'ghosts' this isn't the video for you.

Heatherlynn Caston is a business owner in Lafayette who shared some eerie happenings from her bedroom on social media. She compiled her snap videos to share on Facebook and said at first she jokingly thought it could be a "ghost," but after filming a few of the videos Heatherlynn caught some pretty freaky stuff.

She named the "ghost" Frank. I spoke with Heatherlynn and she told me this wasn't the first time Frank has made an appearance.

"Frank", the name at least, has always been a light joke. I gave it that name from the Dad on Shameless bc he was an a** and honestly it just kept it light hearted so I could freak out a little less. This has happened before a few time which is why I decided to try to record it.

Of course, some people will say someone is playing a trick, but Heatherlynn tells me that is definitely not the case.

So the door is 100% on a natural lean, If you don't push it past 90 degrees it will close very slowly immediately. That's all the time. And there's no ac vents or air source on the other side. Older house, it's weird. But every now and then I'll have the door all the way open and it feels like it closes when it shouldn't. Que "Frank". About a year ago I joking started getting up to reopen it repeatedly and after a few slams of the door a little metal tool set of personal grooming tools went flying. That was the first time. I've figured out now that if you keep pushing him/it...he'll make something more dramatic happen. It's only in two places in the house that it's happened and of course there's no voice, messages in the mirror or weird AHS stuff happening.

Some friends on Facebook have suggested she move. What would you do in Heatherlynn's situation?

Have you ever had a similar experience? If so, sound off in the comments.

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