We all watched the crazy transformation happen before our eyes on Airline drive. The old Ryan's on Airline Drive quickly transformed into a Mexican restaurant.

Many people in our community grumbled when they found out that there would be another Mexican restaurant opening up on Airline Drive in Bossier. "Didn't we just have a brand Mexican restaurant open up a few years away?" People were referring to El Jarrito Mexican Grill which opened in the old Panera spot.

The Grumbling In Bossier Quickly Changed From Frustration of Another Mexican Restaurant to When the New Spot Would Open.

Although the grumbling took over Bossier, there were more people grumbling at how long Pedro's Mexican Restaurant took to open.

Pedro's Made Local Headlines When They Announced They Had to Delay the Grand Opening in November.

We all wondered why the grand opening was delayed. The building's remodel was done. Was it because of the workforce? Pedro's in Bossier claimed they are waiting on their liquor license. "COMING SOON!! We can’t wait to show all of you what we have been working on! All we are waiting on is our Liquor License approval and we will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! Be sure you follow our page for up-to-date info on our Grand Opening! See you soon!!"

Good News For Bossier Residents, Pedro's Plans To Open on Monday, February 28th.

The liquor license must have finally come through. Will the half-a-year wait be worth it? I guess our taste buds will have to be the judge.

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