There is one thing we are not in short supply of in Shreveport-Bossier and that is original delicious dishes. Although I get stuck with my same 5 restaurants that I rotate through there are times when a restaurant will post a picture that grabs my attention.

We have to many restaurants pushing the envelope when it comes to delicious creations. This is something many of us are grateful for. Remember when WalletHub claimed Shreveport was a bad spot for "foodies"? They clearly didn't check out some of our favorite local spots. Bless their hearts.

Some pictures that have been catching my attention lately are restaurants showing off their delicious fall menu additions that have me saying to myself "Lord have mercy I know what I'm having for dinner tonight."

It all started the Giuseppe's Pasta Café posted a picture of their house made roasted butternut squash ravioli. It was then that I could not get those raviolis out of my mind. Then Dilla's showed off their version of a Frito pie which by the looks of it will not disappoint.

We went ahead and scoured Shreveport-Bossier looking for the latest fall additions to hit menus all over Shreveport Bossier. If there is a delicious fall menu item that we missed just message me here and we will make sure we spread the word.

Have you tried any of these delicious fall menu options yet? Which one has been your favorite so far?

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