The last thing that we want to think about this time of year is terrorism.  Unfortunately, when we are thinking about it the least - our enemies want to strike the most.  Their goal is to create more damage and fear because we are totally focused on something else.  The only way to combat this insidious and cowardly tactic is to be ever vigilant and prepared.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington not only understands and agrees with that statement, he is helping residents of North West Louisiana prepare for the worst.  Monday night, Sheriff Whittington will be hosting his 2nd class on the subject.  The first class, held in October, was such a hit - folks started asking for another chance to learn the tips and techniques to surviving a possible terror attack.

Monday's class will be held at the Cypress Baptist Church in Benton and starts at 6pm.  According to the BPSO's Facebook page -  "Surviving the Terror," will focus on emergency issues, like:
• Understanding situational awareness
• How to keep you and your family safe
• Developing exit/evacuation plans
• Communicating with your loved ones and friends in an emergency situation
• Knowing when to RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT
• Understanding concealed handgun issue

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