A new study from Business Wire recently found that 90 percent of people are hyper-vigilant about tracking their online purchases. However, that didn't seem to be the case for whoever ordered a shipment of live reptiles that was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address in August.

An anonymous person who lives just north of New York City in the small village of Port Chester, New York, was surprised when a mysterious package containing live reptiles arrived on their doorstep.

The package startled the resident, who immediately called New York's Port Chester Police Department. When officers arrived, they found the package was filled with "lizards and iguanas."

"After catching all the animals, we secured them until a local animal sanctuary can pick them up for safekeeping," the Port Chester Police Department revealed in a post shared on Facebook.

The department is now asking the community for help to ensure these creatures get to their rightful owner safely.

"If you lost your lizards and iguanas, we have them at the PD," the PCPD continued in their social media post, including a photo of the live lizards in a bucket. "Every day is different here in PC!"

It's unclear if the reptiles were sent as a prank or if the sender simply included the wrong address. If not sent as part of a prank, the intended recipient of the package remains a mystery.

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