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I don't know about you, but I think it's safe to say, that with Louisiana State University football coach Brian Kelly's win over Alabama Saturday, his job is safe for a while.

As LSU football fans, if we're being honest, we're hard on our coaches, and that's okay because we expect big things on Saturday nights in Baton Rouge. Football is a part of our culture, dare I say, knit into the very fabric of our state. With that being said, when they brought in Brian Kelly from Notre Dame, we didn't know a whole lot about him. It wasn't like he was a Louisiana boy like Ed Orgeron and he had never coached in the SEC before. But we all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. And after Saturday night's win over Alabama, I think we're all feeling pretty good about things. After all, a lot of LSU fans still have a bad taste in their mouth with the way former LSU coach, now Alabama coach, Nick Saban left.

Alabama v LSU
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However, Kelly is no stranger to the national stage and with any luck, LSU will be on it this year. Over his three-decade (almost four) career, he's built quite the reputation for himself as a coach and is well-known for disciplined teams and being a great recruiter. But let's be honest, after beating Alabama, recruiting just got a whole lot easier for LSU!

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