This was so good.

LSU Coach Brian Kelly addressed his dancing skills and fake southern "accent" while on the broadcast from the Texas Bowl in Houston Tuesday night.

While the Tigers were on the field below, Coach Kelly joined the ESPN crew in the press box and he opened up on a few interesting things.

First, Coach Kelly addressed his dancing skills after a video surfaced of he and LSU commitment Walker Howard in the locker room. In it, the two seem to be celebrating Walker's decision to be an LSU Tiger.

The new head coach of the Tigers asked why wouldn't you dance after scoring a five-star recruit?

Then he addressed his accent after some accused him of trying to have a more southern-style accent while addressing Tiger Nation when he arrived on campus.

In any case, Coach Kelly came across as a fun guy who seems like he can laugh at himself from time to time.

As for LSU, they lost to Kansas St. in their final game of the 2021-22 football season. So now, the Brian Kelly officially begins over in Baton Rouge.


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