We took special delivery of a new baby boy in the form of an English Mastiff Friday that we adopted from Bossier City Animal Control.

Of course, when I say 'baby boy,' I don't mean that he's a puppy. He's actually a big boy. The shelter thought he might be around 5-years-old according to what his previous owner said when he surrendered him. Well yesterday, he went to the vet's office bright and early and they estimate that Cajun is around 2-3 years old and weighs in at a whopping 113lbs! Cajun is definitely on the slim side and it looks like he could gain up to another 40 pounds!

Cajun had a big day at the vet, not only did he get checked for heartworms (he's negative thank goodness), but he also got neutered. As cute as he is, we have to practice responsible pet ownership! We also had his blood work done and had him tested for diabetes. The poor guy literally drinks GALLONS of water every day. Seriously, I'd be happy if my horses drank that much! Thankfully, he checked out all clear though.

How would you like to bring home your own bouncing baby boy or girl? You can! We have several amazing rescues and shelters right here in northwest Louisiana and you can always check out the adoptable pets we feature weekly with Bristol's Babies! 

Remember, adopt, don't shop!


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