According to the annual AccuWeather spring allergy forecast, a brutal allergy season is ahead for allergy sufferers. In Louisiana, the forecast calls for an above-average season.  Spring starts on March 20th, but LSU Health New Orleans Professor of Allergy/Immunology Dr. Sanjay Kamboj says the pollen is already here.

“If you just drive around you can see all these flowers and trees blooming and lots of pollen on the cars.  We started seeing it as early as the end of January,” said Kamboj.

Kamboj says humidity, hot weather, and carbon dioxide from cars all contribute to this being a brutal season.

“It’s the ideal situation for plants, so every year there are more and more pollens that are produced by the plants,” said Kamboj.

In order to prevent an allergy flair up, Kamboj recommends not opening windows and doors until the early afternoon. If an allergy sufferer goes outside, there are steps to take upon getting home.

“Wash their face, change their clothes so that they can avoid pollen, and obviously saline nasal spray in the morning and before going to bed or if possible when they come back home from outside,” said  Kamboj.

(Story written by Kevin Barnhart/Louisiana Radio Network)

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