I love animals; I have 4 dogs and 2 cats at home. I'll share a picture of them in a heartbeat to someone who asks (and even those that don't). All of that makes the story I'm about to tell you all the more difficult. Three dogs were found abandoned at a park in Texarkana - one so severely matted, that he didn't even look like a dog. The following pictures may be disturbing to some readers. It begs the question; who could do such a thing?

It all happened February 17, at Spring Lake Park in Texarkana, TX. The Texarkana, TX Animal Control responded to a report of three pups dropped off in the park by someone driving a white dually truck. One of the dogs needing severe attention.

The pup in the pictures now goes by the name Riggs, and his transformation is unbelievable. If you take a look at the pictures, you can see his hair dragging the ground and his nails curled into his paws. He was in such bad shape, that his scrotum was rotted in two, and he had to have emergency surgery.

My jaw is on the floor just having to write this, but it happened, and is happening, right here in East Texas. Right here in our own backyard.

For Riggs, and his two pals that now go by the names Benson and Whitney, they were rescued in time. Dawn, the founder and owner of Passion For Pooches, along with the Texarkana, TX Animal Control, are the real heroes of this story. The animal control allowed P4P to take over after the initial rescue and get these babies into foster homes. They were able to be cleaned up, have their nails and hair trimmed, fed, and socialized with other well-taken care of pups at the rescue. Now they need our help in finding 'furever' homes. I mean, take a look at these faces!

88076600_552327602158212_8301535286194601984_nCredit: Passion For Pooches (From L-R: Benson, Riggs, Bottom: Whitney)

I can't imagine who would think to do this to any animal. Unfortunately, the only lead on finding the person that dropped them in the park that day is the description of the truck. I have to believe that someone knows. Someone knows something. This can't keep happening. I'm just glad there are people out there, and organizations like Passion For Pooches that care enough to find homes for these little ones.

If you're interested in adopting these pups, you can fill out an application for Passion For Pooches here, or contact them via the organization's Facebook page.


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