I worked my butt of mowing my lawn this past weekend. I mean I mowed and did all the edging and trimmed my yard, it was a 2-day work ordeal and I can't help but have this immense proudness when I drive up to my house. I did that!

Shortly after I mowed the lawn I could not help but notice both my dogs started scratching like crazy. I checked them both for fleas and ticks and nothing. If it isn't fleas or ticks, what else could it be. I started searching the internet as a frantic dog mom would do, the answer, was dogs are much like humans when it comes to seasonal allergies.

Mowing the yard set my dogs off when it comes to their allergies, and although I wish I could avoid mowing the yard, I refuse to have that house on the street that looks abandoned. However, I am stuck with the problem that is itchy dogs.

My internet search reminded me I can give my dogs an oatmeal bath to soothe their skin, however it looks like I will have to drop a hefty penny at the vet's office to cure my dog's itch. A simple shot can solve their itchy skin.

After calling my vet they told me that they are giving out those shots for itchy skin like crazy. Tis' the season for dog allergies, thanks to the wonderful world of weeds and pollen. How do you know it's time to take your dog in to get an allergy shot to avoid itching? Check this list out below.


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