For those of us who have had the misfortune of being bullied at some point during our life, Whitney Kropp is our hero. Whitney was nominated to Homecoming Court as a Sophomore Princess. She was so happy... until she found out it was a cruel joke. She said she felt, "like trash" and like no one cared at all about her. That night she thought about ending her life. But her family and friends urged her to be brave and take this as an opportunity to show the kids that she wasn't a joke after all.

Soon, it became national news, and not only did local stores donate her dress, jewelry and give her a makeover, but there was a Facebook page with over 100k likes supporting her. Last night at the homecoming game, she was a true Cinderella. People from all over the state showed up to support her. Even some kids left their own homecoming game to support Whitney. It's grace like Whitney's that makes a true princess! Pass it on!

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