I remember the first time I heard of Jerry Springer. It was a Wednesday night at church and we had free time, it was then the “trouble child” of the group said “hey guys let’s play Jerry Springer!”. There were maybe 10 of us kids aging from 7-12 and there we were, “playing” Jerry Springer. I just remember my brother Andrew being told he was going to be security, my sister Aileen and I were in the crowd and were told to tell “Jerry” over and over again. I think our “playing” maybe lasted for 10 minutes before someone came over to see what we were up to and we all got in deep trouble. Our parents spanked us when we got home and yet we still had no idea why we couldn’t “play” Jerry Springer.
Luckily for many children out there, they won’t have to know about Jerry Springer. According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter production has been halted after 27 years. As of now there are no plans to film more episodes of the knock down, throw down edge of your seat show. Where will you go if you need to tell your girlfriend that you’ve been sleeping with her sister? For now call Maury, or maybe even Doctor Phil. The Former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer originally started the show in 1991 to have an informative family show. In 1994 the show took a turn and the “trash” talk show even competed against Oprah Winfrey. If the show is in fact done, we will miss you Jerry! Since I can’t get in trouble because I’m a grown adult now... “Jerry Jerry Jerry!”

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