The Price is Right Live is returning to Horseshoe's Riverdome and this time it's with host Jerry Springer!

The TV show The Price is Right has captivated audiences for decades and the live tour is giving audiences around the country the chance to experience the excitement for themself! Last time the tour came to the Riverdome, my husband made it on stage and had the chance to spin the big wheel from the Showcase Showdown winning $250!!!


All this week, KVKI gave you the chance to enter to win free tickets to the live show with the one and only Jerry Springer coming up at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 3pm.

So, without further ado, let's announce our five lucky winners of a pair of tickets each! Here they are: Blaine Shores, Beth Thompson, Michele Broussard, Dottie Bishop and Linda Dixon!

Thank you to everyone who played and thank you as always for listening! Make sure you keep checking back for even more chances to win!

For complete KVKI contest rules, click here.

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