Chimp Haven could be getting some more residents. Sen. John Kennedy has made a decision, and wants to require all chimps used in Air Force research facilities be sent to the Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville once they are retired.

Among many other reasons, Kennedy says the government is currently paying to house the chimps and this change would save tax dollars and give these chimps a better quality of life. From Chimp Haven: "Chimp Haven offers 200 acres designed entirely for chimpanzees. Here, chimps can roam woodland and wide-open spaces; feast on fresh fruits and veggies; and thrive in large families.  Here, they’re living the chimp life."

34 chimps are being housed at an air force base in New Mexico and plan to be retired to Chimp Haven.

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The following are individuals who were booked in to the Caddo Correctional Center through the dates of 2/4/22-2/6/22. Many of the inmates have not yet been to trial, and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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