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What do you give the spouse that has everything? After all, they live in Louisiana, they're Cajun, and they're married to you! Here are the perfect suggestions for Cajun anniversary gifts throughout the years!

At the end of this month, if my husband and I were still together, we would have been celebrating sixteen years of wedded bliss. However, that wasn't meant to be, but one thing that I always loved that we did as a couple was to try really hard to follow either the traditional or modern guide for gift giving as recommended by the year of the anniversary, and sometimes we had to get really creative. For example, when the suggested gift was paper for our first anniversary, I got him LSU tickets. But what do you get to celebrate the spouse in Louisiana who has it all? Find out with this handy dandy Cajun Anniversary Gift Guide!

While I'd prefer to skip the stuffed Nutria rat suggestion below, I do like stuffed shrimp. And while I personally don't really want a Duck Dynasty DVD, maybe you could check out the Duck Dynasty tour in West Monroe? Just a thought! Either way, I'm going to keep this list handy just in case I meet someone that's worthy of putting a ring on it :)

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