Here in Louisiana, we are lucky to have our own Cajun Navy. With Barry quickly approaching, the Cajun Navy has been activated in Baton Rouge.

The Cajun Navy is ready to help where they can with boats and all-terrain vehicles as Barry sets to hit Louisiana land on Saturday. In a twist, many of the Cajun Navy members are spending time currently making sure their loved ones and possessions are safe, so the founder of the Cajun Navy says a lot of the help early on this week has come from members outside of our state.

As many of you know, no matter where hurricane/flooding disasters strike in our country, there's a good chance our Cajun Navy will be there to help. So it's nice to see members from other states coming here to help our own.

The Cajun Navy plans to set up shop in Baton Rouge as the storm rolls through, working primarily with making and distributing sand bags to those in need.

God bless our Cajun Navy!



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