The Lake Charles Police Department has promised an aggressive investigation into an incident that happened in the parking lot of a Lake Charles supermarket last week. In that incident, a volunteer with the Cajun Navy working to aid victims of recent storms in Lake Charles was physically and verbally assaulted.

Becky Johnson spoke to KPLC Television about the incident and according to that published report, here's what happened.

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Johnson told the television station that she was delivering supplies on Monday when she stopped in the Albertson's parking lot. It was at that time that two men approached her. The men physically assaulted her and hurled verbal insults at her as well.

Johnson told KPLC:

A lot of racial slurs, saying they don’t want us serving in the African-American community. That’s what they were pretty much angry about. One of them came around as I was stepping out and physically attacked me. The other one tore up inside the vehicle, ransacking through the vehicles.

That description is just sickening on many levels especially when you understand that Johnson had actually taken storm victims from Lake Charles into her home when they had no place to go.

The news of the assault was reported to authorities by officials with the Cajun Navy and the response from Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter and Lake Charles Chief of Police Shawn Caldwell suggests that the city and the police department intend to aggressively work this case to a proper and just conclusions.

Here is that statement as reported by KPLC:

"We understand the public shock and concern surrounding this incident and I assure you that this incident is receiving the proper attention of the Lake Charles Police Department. As always, we will investigate in a thorough and professional manner.” Those are the words of LCPD Chief Shawn Caldwell.

Meanwhile, Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter offered these comments.

“I have great faith in the investigative abilities of the Lake Charles Police Department, They have a proven track record and are committed to bringing closure to those impacted by crime. Additionally, if there were any knowledge of an orchestrated, ongoing effort to inflict harm on groups here in Lake Charles, the City would share that information with the public.

Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall On US Gulf Coast
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Both Mayor Hunter and Chief Caldwell urged residents with any information of this incident to forward what they know to Lake Charles Police.

According to reports, the Cajun Navy Organization says they are shutting down their Lake Charles operations due to the severity of this particular incident and several other factors. What those factors are were not disclosed.

Despite the actions of a few bad apples in Lake Charles, there is still a lot of good in Louisiana and its people. We offer this as a reminder that most people are in fact, good.

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