As a parent, I have grown to love Tax-Free weekend.  It's the first weekend of September and it's a great time save a few bucks on back to school supplies, clothes, and all kinds of necessary goodies.  But that's not what this is about.

Did you know that the Tax-Free status extends to things like Piroughs? That's right!  With the tax you save on your new personal fishing rig, you can pick up some new spinner baits!  That's not all!  If you are hankering for a new off-road vehicle, or air-boat - you can buy those Tax-Free too!

However, a proposal submitted by Bossier City Republican Sen. Barrow Peacock threatened to change what was and wasn't Tax-Free by a pretty large margin.  The above mentioned purchases would not be Tax-Free, but ammunition, firearms, and archery supplies would.  That proposal failed, so it looks like your Tax-Free boating and off-roading dreams are safe this year.  Oh, and also school supplies.  US News has the full story here.

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