Remember hearing about Nancy Louise Western who left her 2 Labrador retrievers and Cocker Spaniel in her hot car in June during a doctors visit? Remember how she lied to police officers about how long she had left them in the car for? Chances are, we both were hoping that we could have been there and intervened and broken the window and let the dogs out. Think about it this way, if you can't handle sitting in your car without AC, neither can your pets. What happens if you see a dog locked in a hot car? What can you legally do?

Only 28 states have a “Good Samaritan” law. It allows any person to break a car window to save a minor, a pet, or companion. Luckily for us in Louisiana we are free to take the necessary measures to save a life. Thank you to ACT No. 360 "RS 37:1738.1 provides that a person is not liable for property damage or trespass to a motor vehicle if the damage was caused while rescuing an animal in distress if certain conditions are met, including making a good-faith attempt to locate the owner of the motor vehicle, contacting law enforcement, determining the vehicle is locked, and using only the force reasonably necessary to rescue the animal. Animal is defined as any dog or cat kept for pleasure, companionship, or other purposes that are not purely commercial.”

Please remember to check the pavement before you take your dog out for a walk and NEVER leave your pet in a car. You will walk back to your car and notice a broken window and VERY angry good Samaritans! It's going to be a long hot summer, make sure your pets stay healthy and cool.



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