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One of the most dominate forces in basketball history was Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq was force to reckon with and became famous in college and his early pro years for shattering backboards on dunks. He was an absolute MONSTER.

Well, last night during the Captain Shreve v Byrd game, a couple of kids went into full Shaq mode. Marquez Stevenson and AC Bryant combined on a dunk that absolutely annihilated the backboard. The limited capacity crowd went WILD as soon as they saw the glass break. This play is a rarity these days and was awesome to see. You can watch the video of the play below.

Here's another look at this amazing play:

Here's a look at the aftermath:

The game was ended due to the shattered backboard. In case you were wondering,  The Captain Shreve Gators won 42-24.

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