Break ups suck there is no question about that. According to The Berry, there is a way to completely rediscover yourself and prepare you for the future without the other person and that is through 'breakovers' which are break up make overs that has been introduced by celebrity dating expert and empowerment coach Laurel House.


Laurel has a step by step guide to help get through the tough the most difficult of breaks ups. Her steps include:

  • Come to terms with the relationship ending

It is over. There is no turning back.

  • Bummers with Benefits

Laurel insists that after the break up you should look back at what went wrong so that mistakes won't be made again.

  • Get it out of your system

Cry it out. Scream it out. Write it out. Whatever you have to do to push through the heart break, go for it! Just don't hurt anyone in the process.

  • Its all about you, boo boo.

This is a chance for you to focus on yourself. Get a new hair cut. Get your nails done. Find new passions and fall in love with a new activity.

  • Get out of the house!

I have fallen victim to this. I have the hardest time getting out. I usually plant myself on the couch and fall into a Netflix or Hulu binge. I don't suggest this because it gets really depressing really fast. Laurel insists that you get out and get moving.

  • Pick yourself up.

It is going to be hard. So why not be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself daily.

  • Get back out there.

This is the big step. It can take time, and you don't have to do this immediately but eventually you have to give dating another try.

Personally, I think this step-by-step guide is very helpful. I know break ups can be hard and soul crushing, but you will get through it.

fashionchalet, Tumblr