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After scouring the internet to find the cheapest house in Shreveport, and I believe I have found it.

Home-buying is, of course, costly and stressful. That's one reason I love living at Kingston Crossing in Benton. It's a wonderful community and my family absolutely loves life at Kingston Crossing.

I'm sure one day, though, I'll hit the house market and try to find a steal of a deal. If you're looking for a steal, and don't mind spending 10x the price of the house, on the house after purchasing... This might be the one for you.

After digging through a handful of reality websites in Shreveport, I have found the cheapest house in town on Realtor.com. This bad boy can be yours for under $8,000!

Located on Karen Street ion Shreveport, this three bedroom, 1,600 sq. feet crib is listed at $7,500. Granted, it needs more work than I can possibly imagine, but it is officially the cheapest house for sale currently in Shreveport. It has unfortunately been on the market for quite a long time... It has been listed on Realtor.com for over 600 days. However, I think if we put enough eyeballs on this deal, someone might just buy it to say they own the cheapest house in town. Man, wouldn't it be nice to have money like that? Although I'm sure those who have enough money to spend nearly 10,000 as a joke, probably didn't make their money by thinking like me.

Now who wants to stop by and take a tour?

Cheapest House in Shreveport

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