This is just how cheap can members of KiddNation really be? Well they tell us!

Sometimes you just don't feel like shelling out full price for something and you do what you can to save a few bucks here and there. Kidd Kraddick Morning Show cast member Cami, kicks off the bit by telling us that she saved 50% on an item by buying it on Amazon Prime Day! Big Al will go to a store and buy bottles of tester cologne instead of buying the full bottle. J-Si uses old Pringles cans to save his broken chips from other chip bags and when he has a full can he devours them!

Members of KiddNation called and sent in text messages explaining how cheap they are like washing and reusing Ziploc bags. Would you bring your own American cheese to McDonald's to put on a burger just to save 40 cents? Well, one KiddNation member does! Find out other ways how KiddNation member are super cheap in this best of audio segment.

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