When you’re a part of the biggest blockbuster franchise of the hour, what do you do on your time off? Well, if you’re Chris Evans, you set up a secret escape room and prank people into yelling “Hail Hydra!” in public places.

Evans, always one for helping kids, partnered with Omaze and Christopher’s Haven, a Boston nonprofit that provides housing for families whose children are receiving pediatric care. He set up a Captain America doll with a secret microphone, into which he whispered to people who unsuspectingly entered a comic book shop. Some were having nothing to do with it, like the little kid at the beginning of the video who flat-out answered, “No,” when “Captain America” asked if he was “up to the challenge.”

But a few groups of people decided to go along with it, sticking their hands into walls full of “snakes” and donning bandanas and goggles to hunt for a Hydra operative at large. By far the best parts of the video are Chris Evans himself laughing at the people’s reactions — you can tell he lives for stuff like this.

And at the end, as a reward for all the hardships they suffered, the participants get to meet Evans — rather, they get to scream in terror as Evans yells and jumps out at them in a pitch-dark basement. Hey, anything to meet a celebrity, right?

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