Yesterday, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory announced that with worries over the Coronavirus potentially spreading, mass gatherings should be halted from now through Sunday.

The Lafayette City Parish Government is adding that they need to make a clarification.

Church services are not included in the mandatory mass gatherings.

Lafayette City Parish Spokesman Jamie Angelle says the Administration is leaving that up to the discretion of the leader of each congregation.

So, if you attend catholic mass, you should contact the the Diocese of Lafayette to find out whether or not those services will be happen this weekend.

The same goes for any other denominations.

Find out from the leadership at your church whether or not they are having church services this weekend.

Angelle did add that the Administration urges people who will be attending church services to be mindful of personal space.

They suggest that you consider social distancing and thinking about whether or not you will shake hands.

As always, remember to wash your hands.


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