What kind of lowlifes would use a nationwide pandemic to troll sports fans of another state's flagship university? If you answered, "that sounds like a job for Alabama", then you'd be right. To make things even worse, the trolling comes from the meth lovers' vacation choice, the City of Tuscaloosa Alabama.


Actually, that's kind of funny. Not really funny, not actually laugh out loud funny, but funny enough to maybe create a quick grin but that's it. And if it keeps the simple-minded followers of the Saban cult far enough away from their cousins to keep from spreading the sickness or starting a family then more power to them.


Personally, I love this kind of trash talking. While it may "seem" to be mean-spirited I don't think it is. I think it's a sign of respect. I am sure the LSU faithful will respond with signs of their own. Oh look, they already have,


Soon this pandemic will eventually pass and we can get back on the field and in the stadiums to cheer on two incredibly talented and well-coached programs.  Then we can trash talk in person, enjoy the game, and maybe share a cold beverage or two. I look forward to doing that, even with Alabama fans. 

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