A couple of weeks ago I showed you why we need to clean out our dryer units, now I want to show you why you need to hire someone to clean out your dryer vent.

For me at home, our dryer vent goes up through the attic rather than through wall and this can be problematic when it comes to lint collecting in your dryer vent.

I recently hired a professional to inspect the vent at my house and he showed us why we should have this done once a year. The lint builds up in the vent and it restricts airflow.

Once clean and clear of lint, you will notice that your dryer works much better and that it does not work as hard to dry your clothes.

I would highly recommend that you hire a professional to inspect your dryer vent so that you are not putting your dryer at risk and you are preventing a potential fire hazard.

Here's a previous video I posted about cleaning out your dryer. Yes, mine was a little clogged up with lint.

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