You can love Gaspar Noé, you can hate Gaspar Noé, but no matter where you fall one thing is always certain: a film from the Argentine filmmaker (Irreversible, Enter the Void) is always an experience. Sometimes that experience takes you to some super disturbing places you never want to revisit (see number six on this list), and sometimes inside the hovering spirit of a dead guy (or a guy tripping on DMT, you decide). For his next hallucinatory journey, Noé will take you to an epic dance party.

Noe’s next film, Climax, debuted at Cannes back in May and was scooped up by A24, appropriately. The first trailer is a demented phantasmagorical odyssey that could only come from the mind of the dude who thought up Enter the Void. In it, Sofia Boutella and a bunch of dancers drink LSD-laced punch and have a wild, hallucinatory night that looks as thrilling as it looks terrifying and also kinda sexy. The synopsis describes it as a “collective psychedelic meltdown,” so yeah, I’m in.

A new Noe film always piques my interest, even if I tend walk away from his films aggravated and repulsed, but undeniably intrigued – I hated Love at first, but I also kinda grew to appreciate elements of it over time. Climax looks like a visual treat I can’t wait to dive into though, especially with Enter the Void and Spring Breakers cinematographer Benôit Debie involved (and the synopsis notes Noé shot this one himself). And unlike his previous bloated features, this one clocks in at a nice 95 minutes. There’s no release date yet, but the film is set to screen at the Toronto Film Festival next month, so stay tuned for our full review then.

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