This weekend, you will lose an hour of sleep. The time change could affect you in many other ways.

Frankly, this is my personal favorite time change of the year. I know that I'm in the minority on this, because no one likes to lose an hour of sleep, but I will actually be losing an hour of work! Yep, after DJing in and around town every weekend for the past eight years, I can say I love this time change.

Come early Sunday morning, if you're watching the clock at 1:59:59 AM, you'll see 3:00:00 AM a second later. It's Daylight Saving Time and here's how it COULD effect you, courtesy of Vox.


1. There's an increase in heart attacks on Monday. Believe it or not, one study found that hospitals see a 25% in heart attacks on the Monday after we spring forward.

2. There are more car crashes. That one hour proves to a be a huge difference in the days after we spring forward, as we'll see an 8% rise in car accidents.

3. You'll waste more time on the internet. I'm not sure how this happens, but you can't argue with statistics. Another study found that we will spend more time procrastinating on the internet at work, after we spring forward.

4. Your stress levels may increase.  This may go hand-in-hand with trhe heart attack rise from number one. On average, there was a 5% increase in stress levels after we spring forward.



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