Fair warning to Tom Segura... You might not want to come back to Louisiana any time soon.

Us Cajuns can tell jokes on each other all day, but when someone who's not a Cajun gets in on that action, well, things get heated like a pot of steamin' crawfish.

Comedian Tom Segura is a popular guy these days in Cajun Country, for all the wrong reasons. He has a new standup special called "Disgraceful" on Netflix, and after listening to his Cajun jokes, I'd say that name is fairly accurate.

Naturally, many of us here in Louisiana took offense when he began making fun of someone from Lafayette, then things turned up a notch when he went after Cajuns in general. As a whole, it's pretty upsetting, but one line in particular has gotten a lot of us fired up. This is an exact quote from Mr. Segura: "We have this whole population of Cajun people living amongst us, like they're one of us, and they're not. Why do they have rights?"

Ouch. Well, Tom Segura, we do have rights... We have the right to not watch your tacky Dave Attell knock-off stand up show. We also have the right to never invite you to Mardi Gras.

Check out the clips below!



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