I had told my dear friend that I was going to try and lay off of the technology for the weekend. I had been looking forward to a weekend of resting and I realize that sleeping with my cell phone next to me is really messing with my sleep. From drunk phone calls from friends at 11:00 pm to not putting my phone down and letting myself fall asleep. I use this phone and it’s more of like a leash. My boyfriend calls me out all the time because he will always catch me on my phone during dinner or when we are in the car driving somewhere. I realize me being addicted to my phone can cost me more than not catching a certain part of a conversation, it can ultimately cost me my relationships with people.

I know a lot of people have seen this problem coming and they have decided to do something about it. The flip phone challenge is something several people have done to take a break from social media and to try and tackle their phone addiction. Our phone addiction has gotten so bad a company is offering one lucky person $1,000 if they can use a flip phone for a week. Could you handle no internet, no camera, and no GPS in the palm of your hand? If you can handle it you could earn the easiest $1,000 plus get a “boredom buster swag bag” which includes a map, some cd's from the '90s and a phone book and a compass. If we are being honest. I don’t know if I could pull it off.

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