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Reports say that the SEC is leaning towards a conference games only football schedule this fall. If this is true, you can look at it one of two ways, glass half empty, or glass half full. I'm taking the optimistic view point... Some SEC football is better than none at all!

While LSU and the SEC has been saying for weeks that they would make a decision by the end of July, we're just over two days away from the end of the month and we still only have rumors to go by. The PAC-12 and Big 10 have already decided to play conference only games this season. A decision is still pending from the ACC and Big 12 on how to proceed. However, Sports Illustrated reporter Ross Dellenger seems to have some insight...

While I'm personally impatient for a resolution, I can understand why the SEC would want to know the ACC's final decision before casting a vote if these numbers are accurate.

However, the SEC is refusing to address any of these rumors.

While I can respect one of the current rumors of letting SEC teams play one in-state non-conference game football game this fall, I'd hate for anyone in the ACC (read Clemson) think that LSU is afraid of a rematch. Just saying! #geauxtigers

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