One of the benefits of working with a friend is that they are usually an easy target when it comes to pranks. Elizabeth and I have been friends for at least fifteen years and we have played pranks on each other for years. This prank may go in the history books as the best so far. Elizabeth left her car keys laying out in the open and I moved her car to the other side of the building. Then I enlisted the help of Puff from 99X and Jay Whatley from K945 and together we made her think that her car had been towed away. The more she freaked out the more we all poured it on. We asked if her car had a problem and they came to pick it up, or if she missed some payments and she told us the car was payed for. Finally after she called a towing companies to see if they had her car we had someone from the sales part of the building come ask her to move her car. It was priceless! And you will never believe what happens at the end of the video. You would think she would have learned her lesson I guess not.