Bay Area Hospital Workers On The Frontlines Of COVID-19 Pandemic
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As we begin our week, we have a little COVID-19 news thats worthy of celebration.

Here in Louisiana, we have had our fair share of ups and downs when it comes to COVID-19. It goes without saying that pretty much all of 2020 was a big down for us in Louisiana. 2021 was filled with a few ups, and a few downs, but here we are with big news to share.

Last week marked a big milestone for Louisianians when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have officially reached their lowest point ever since the pandemic began. This is a huge deal for our state, especially considering that just a  couple of months ago, we were placed on a mask mandate statewide in order to stop the rise of COVID-19 cases in Louisiana.

On Friday, November 5th, we had 226 hospitalizations in Louisiana due to COVID-19.

Chief of Hospital Medicine at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, Dr. Mike Sewell, believes that our state reaching its lowest hospitalizations is due to vaccines and overall awareness. He says, "I also think that we’re deep enough into the pandemic that people are a little more aware of social distancing and clean hands and mask-wearing. I think all of those things have contributed.”

Unfortunately, the low numbers aren't likely to stay, as we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving. Louisiana has seen a surge in hospitalizations after major holidays. Dr. Sewell says, "Maybe we’re starting to get herd immunity to some degree, we’re getting vaccine immunity, maybe we’re on the backside of this, but we’re also prepared should another surge arise."

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