Don't take my word for it, just ask the CDC!

We've grown quite attached to our masks over his past year. For some, it may feel weird to go around without one covering our faces. For those who have benefited from the mask mandate, because we were able to cover our ugly faces in public, this isn't the best news.

In all seriousness, this is a big day for all of us. Who would have thought at the beginning of 2021 that we could be possibly ditching our masks by summer? Certainly not me, but then again, I'm a big pessimist when it comes to the pandemic so I was fully expecting to wear a mask for the rest of my life.

Today, the CDC makes a huge announcement when it comes to masks. The CDC says that if you are fully vaccinated, you are safe indoors and outdoors without your mask on. They also announced that those who are fully vaccinated can also forget about maintaining social distance indoors and outdoors.

Of course, the CDC was very clear that this update only applies to those who are fully vaccinated. This could cause another jump in vaccinations as many Americans could view life without a mask as an incentive to get their vaccine.

Keep up the good work, y'all! We're almost out of this!



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