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I didn't even know this, but up until New Year's Day - your employer was required to give you up to 10 days of paid-sick leave if you tested positive for COVID-19.  The Families First Coronavirus Response Act required most businesses to offer what amounts to 2 work-weeks off while they still draw their check - regardless of what their sick/vacation day arrangement with their employer said.

The federal government backed this up with tax credits for the business that would make up for the leave granted to the sick employee in order for them to properly quarantine themselves.  The thought being that general public would do the right thing and stay home when they were sick - if it didn't hit them in the wallet.

The "requirement" part of the law ended on January 1st, 2021 - but that doesn't mean you necessarily have go to work sick.  According to KLFY, the feds will still provide that same tax credit to your employer until March.  Basically, if your boss is cool - you might still get the paid days off to get better.

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