While many people are still debating whether or not they will choose to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and COVID-19 there is another subset of people that are making the choice to get vaccinated for reasons other than health. I am one of those people. My reason for wanting to get the vaccine is quite simple, I love to travel.

Based on what I am seeing and hearing about the subject of travel in the near future if you want to board an aircraft or climb onboard a cruise ship or cross an international border you are going to need to have proof of vaccination against coronavirus. Or, you might have to build ten days to two weeks of quarantine time into your travel plans.

And while a lot of us have gotten quite proficient at planning our own getaways there does seem to be a renewed interest by many in engaging the services of a qualified travel professional or travel agent to help you navigate the first few journeys you might be taking in a post COVID world.

These travel advisors can offer information on the latest restrictions regarding post-pandemic travel and they might be able to help you circumvent some of the restrictions. However, the best reason, in my opinion for acquiring the services of a travel agent is this. If your plans change, for whatever reason, these professionals know how to work the system so you don't lose money or wind up stranded in a place you don't want to be.

Just to be clear, not all coronavirus-related travel restrictions will come on sea or via the air. You could find different coronavirus mitigation restrictions as you cross one state line to another. Heck, you could even find different restrictions from city to city. Your travel professional will know for sure.

Our advice, get vaccinated, call a travel professional, and go see the world.

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