We've all been there... with both Bossier and Webster Parishes out for spring break this week and Caddo Parish out next week, we've all gotten the dreaded phone call from our kids saying there's nothing to eat in the house. Well here's an easy recipe that you can premake, that's easy for your kids to dish up on their own, and that the whole family will love!

It's called 'Crack Chicken.' Don't believe me? A quick Google search will fix that! My friend Heather made it for me over the weekend and I couldn't believe how good it was or how easy it was to make when I tried it for myself Monday night.

All you need is two packages of boneless chicken breasts, a large bag (4 cups) of shredded cheddar cheese, two pouches of ranch seasoning, and two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese. That's it! I also added bacon crumbles and some Tony Chachere's for a little extra kick.

Then all you do is throw it all, except for the bacon crumbles, in your crock pot for a minimum of four hours on simmer/low heat. I used a liner because I'm not big on clean up. Stir it up to shred the chicken, add the bacon, and voila! You have Crack Chicken!

You can serve it on a bun, in a bowl, or as a dip... however you choose, it's up to you! Now you have something that the kids can dish up on their own and they won't complain about re-heating and eating again! Ok, I'm starting to sound like the guy on Forrest Gump, but you get the picture.

And oh yeah, it's Keto friendly!

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