It's been a weird year thus far for my Dallas Cowboys.

Just when you thought that the 2020-21 football year couldn't get any weirder in Dallas, it does.

Defensive Coordinator for the Cowboys Mike Nolan was speaking to the press via a zoom call Monday when he had to pause the conversation because he had something in his eye. Well, as it may be, it turned out to be TABASCO Sauce!

Apparently, Nolan had some leftover tabasco sauce on his finger and when he rubbed his eye it got into his eye and started to burn.

Immediately "Tabasco" started trending on Twitter and it was because the coach that may be on the "hot" seat had the very popular southern hot sauce in his eye.

The Dallas Cowboys defense is so bad this year I could make 1,500 jokes here, but I am too frustrated with this team's lack of effort to even begin joking.

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