It's been a long year with some of our favorite stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  And honestly, we could not have ever expected that some of them would be gone for good. So when something that represents our Louisiana culture opens up after such a long time, it really puts a smile on our face.

The Tabasco brand is one of the most well-known and famous symbols of our state, and the McIlhenney family has been making their beloved hot sauce on Avery Island for 150 years. Five generations of their family have made sure you've got your little (or in some cases, big!) bottle on your dinner table. People are very loyal to Tabasco, and the company has made sure that tourists and locals alike can come out to see how the hot sauce is actually made. Generations of school children have made the trek to Avery Island, and many weddings have taken place at the beautiful Jungle Gardens. The company did a multi-million dollar renovation of the facilities several years ago, and it is worth the drive to take the factory and museum tour.

Company officials announced on social media yesterday that the Tabasco factory tours, the company museum, the 1869 Restaurant, as well as the Tabasco Country Store are re-opening on Wednesday, May 5th. The Country Store was actually open over the weekend, and employees were thrilled that visitors were trickling back in for all their favorite products, including some new ones. (Yes, there are several products that are only available at Avery Island). See their Facebook post below, and next time you have out of town company, take them out to the Tabasco Visitors Center for a true "Only in Louisiana" experience.


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