When I was pregnant and even after I had my son, I used to watch Food Network all the time. One of my favorite shows was "The Ultimate Throwdown with Bobby Flay." I remember watching an episode with a brownie throwdown featuring the Vermont Brownie Company.

If you've never watched the show here's a quick synopsis. Expert chef Bobby Flay takes on an array of masters in the kitchen and tries to out do their signature dish.

For the Brownie Thowdown Bobby Flay attempted to beat the Vermont Brownie Company's signature brownie the Dark Chocolate Chevre with his Chocolate Peanut Butter brownie. The Dark Chocolate Chevre Brownie came out victorious and Bobby Flay couldn't deny their superior brownie.

I LOVE brownies, but I was skeptical of how good a Dark Chocolate Chevre brownie could be. I mean its made with goat cheese. Not a big deal since I was raised on goat milk from goats on my parents farm.  Goat's milk is actually sweeter than regular cow's milk.

Two years later this was still on my mind. I finally decided I would break down and order brownies from Vermont just to try this unique brownie. At just under $30 for a half dozen, this was one expensive risk I was taking. What if they were terrible? Before I knew it, I had entered my credit card info and the brownies were on their way.

Just today my Dark Chocolate Chevre brownies came in the mail and I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact I under estimated just how good these brownies were.Two years was well worth the wait.

So, if you are in the mood to try what could be the best brownie you'll ever try click here. Be prepared to sit and debate with yourself if it is okay to have another one. I'm doing that right now, but I promised my husband I would save him one. Wait...that means I could have four more and he would still get to try one. No, no, no...must have will power!