Following today’s report on Gore Verbinski’s exit from Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie, Fox is making some big moves — the most major of which is, unsurprisingly, with Deadpool 2. The studio has moved the sequel to 2016’s R-rated anti-superhero hit up to May, almost a whole month earlier than its June 1 release date.

The news comes from The Wrap, which reports that Fox is doing some pretty hefty release date shifts with its upcoming X-Men spinoffs. While we’ll get to see Deadpool 2 a few weeks earlier on May 18, the highly-anticipated sequel will now go head-to-head with Marvel heavyweight Avengers: Infinity War (which hits theaters two weeks earlier) and Lucasfilm and Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story (which arrives one week after). 

Given Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox, that move would lend credence to the thinking, based on the lack of a trailer four months out, that Solo will inevitably get pushed back to December — though director Ron Howard recently dismissed that assumption by assuring fans that Lucasfilm wanted to give The Last Jedi plenty of breathing room. Still, it’s an interesting shift, and a fairly sizable show of confidence in the sequel, which features Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merc With a Mouth opposite newcomers Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Josh Brolin).

The film also features returning star T.J. Miller as Weasel — despite recent allegations of sexual misconduct against the comedian and actor, Fox has no plans to remove or replace Miller.

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