We know aa week from today some of you will want to convey thoughts of passion and maybe desire. While others will want to share the warmth of friendship. Still, others might mistakenly offer a gift of sympathy when they are actually trying to forward the cause of romance. It's all in the roses that you choose and the color of those roses you give.

Roses have a special language all of their own. Did you know that the number of roses you give has a hidden meaning? If you're a man you're probably not in tune with that fact but the ladies know and for some reason, they think you know too. So you don't want to give off a mixed message right?

Here's what we've found out about the meaning behind the color of the roses you might choose.

Red Roses: Those are the "I love you" roses. They are for the romantic lover.

Dark Red Roses: Those are for saying you have an unconscious beauty. I understand these are Bill Cosby's favorites to give.

A Single Red Rose: It means simply "I love you".It's the most elegant way to say that.

White Roses: Are a symbol of purity and innocence. Don't visit Victoria's Secret and then give white roses, it's against the laws of nature.

Pink Roses: Are a symbol of appreciation and gentleness.  They also say "thank you" quite nicely too.

Yellow Roses: These are the roses of friendship. This is what you give when you want to say "I care".

Orange Roses: Like their fiery color the orange rose indicates a burning desire. This is for the hot steamy passionate Valentine on your list.

Lavender Roses: Are the "love at first sight roses". This is what you'd give to someone you've just met but would like to get to know a lot better.

Those are just some of the roses and some of the meanings. You can have as many meanings as you can have colors of flowers. My suggestion is to pick the rose that your Valentine loves or pick a color that you like. Give those flowers with an open heart and open arms and be grateful that even though we might not all be romantically attached we all have someone to love who loves us back.

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