We got a double dose of Shreveport talent this morning when Willie Jones ("The X Factor") and Dez Duron ("The Voice") stopped by to talk music, what life is like after their star-making TV stints and if Dez is still in touch with Christina Aguilera.

Jones, who wowed "X Factor" judges last year by melding his inimitable hip-hop style with deep-voiced renditions of country tunes, said he was still living, working and playing in Shreveport.

"Since the show I've been recording a little bit, writing and trying to stay busy around the city," said Jones. "I've been to Nashville a couple times, been networking."

Dez revealed that he was still living out in Los Angeles and making his own music, but we had more important questions -- specifically, about the obvious flirting between him and "The Voice" coach Christina Aguilera. Tell us we're wrong!

"Christina's great. She's a great coach," said Dez. "We had a lot of fun together. She taught me a lot. My mom loves Christina."

Both singers will be in the Easter parade at Shreveport Community Church this Sunday, March 31.

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