For LSU Baseball, 2018 was clearly a rebuilding year. The team performed a lot better than what was expected, so the optics were changed around February. Suddenly some fans felt like this team should win the SEC Tournament, and make a run deep into the NCAA Tournament.

But non of that was realistic. Again, this was rebuilding.

So with 2019 on the horizon, as the year where LSU Baseball is supposed to enjoy the fruits of this year's labor, the team was still trying to add more talent to pull out of "rebuilding mode".

One of the pieces they were going to use to accelerate the process was high school superstar Brice Turang. He's a shortstop from Santiago, Ca, and had committed to LSU as far back as 2015 (according to He's been compared, by LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri himself, to Alex Bregman.

But, last night was the start of the Major League Baseball Draft, and when the Milwaukee Brewers came up at #21, they called Turang's name.

Now, that doesn't mean LSU is out completely. Turang could still choose LSU over MLB, but that would be a costly decision. The draft slot payout for Turang's draft position would pay him over $3 million.

Coach Mainieri has made multiple comments over the last 48 hours about Turang, and the MLB Draft, and by the sounds of it Mainieri doesn't feel good about the chances of Turang giving up the cash.

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